My business is the first to push you in order to have the leadership in your business field. In other words, “My Business is your MCTO modern chief technical officer


Technology is the reality, BY 2030 we’re the leaders for business & marketing -online activities using the VR platform with data scientists to give your business a real value and provide the customers unforgettable experience.

What is my business? (your business success partner)

My Business is the first economical - commercial website that aims to refresh the commercial & manufactural exchange for every business sector, by presenting new & exclusive services to prime the pump to your business in good time with providing magnificent - valued services. (Online Exhibitions, Auctions, Tenders & recruitments) We guarantee by presenting these valuable services through innovative technical platform, You’re the leader in your business. Not to mention our limitless wealthy advantages which help you raise up your business. In addition to newsletters and international conferences coverage, we believe that every giant success starts with a tiny idea, through this way of thinking as a core concept for us, we offer to FUND any new – innovative technological idea. “In a nutshell” partnering with us is a huge opportunity for you to promote your business in varied ways using exclusive & innovative technical methods in order to save your valuable time, money and effort, besides helping you penetrate new markets either nationally or internationally.


Started in 2018, A group of marketing gurus & business leaders with a complete faith that technology and its practices are the only reality in the upcoming future, and in order to implement & practice the most demanded business activities, we must create unique, innovative online platform that leads every online business to success and.. more.